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Ro-Ro ship for the transport of the container chassis with a specialized unit consisting of water transport.loading and unloading cargo,forklift truck with a trailer or cargo units driven directly into and out of the cabin.Or direct transport to a moving cars,buses, special vehicles transportation.

Reefer Container:
Including external and built-in reffer.Temperature apply between -28 ℃ ~ +26 ℃ adjustment.Built-in container in the transport process can easily start the freezer,so the container to maintain the specified temperature;and external container must rely on cars, boats and special taste of the station with the heap of frozen machine to cooling.Reefer container for transportation in the butter,chocolate,frozen fish,seafood,fruit,condensed milk,margarine and some strict requirements on the temperature.

For undertaking major types of bulk cargo transportation.Such as coal,cement,minerals and huge equipments.

Open Top Containers:
This kind of containers has not the top,can be used cranes loading and unloading cargo from above the tank roof,.After finishing loading,must use a tarpaulin covering the top,which ask the watertight same like the dry container as required.Loading volume for tall objects such as glass and so on.

Project Logistics:
Projects logistics  involving large domestic transportation, development and implementation of integrated logistics solutions, freight packaging, road transportation,sea transportation, rail transportation, warehousing, and consulting services.Because each project is unique, we customized personalized logistics solutions,within the system through the deployment of the company, market procurement channels for each project to provide sufficient capacity resources to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. With the dedicated team of professionals throughout the country offices and agent network, the strength of self-team resources,the capacity to maintain a strategic partner procurement channels and mature project management model, BSG keep in advance position in project logistics industry in China.


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